Top 10 Marketing Trends of 2015: Part 2

Last week I posted part 1 of this series. Here I will finish up with the last 5 marketing trends that will be big in 2015:

6. Digital TV: AppleTV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix. These aren’t new channels anymore. But now brands creating their own channels and pushing out engaging, value-generating content via these mediums. That’s pretty new. It hasn’t caught on much yet. Only “small brands” like Red Bull are running in this race. Tune into the Red Bull channel on AppleTV to view the future. Can your brand run with the “Bulls?” We are currently working with Microsoft to develop several of these “branded channels” to run with the bulls in 2015.

Example: Red Bull TV

7. Online Video Marketing: We are finding consumers don’t like to read much online. That’s why video marketing will be the winner in 2015. Do you have how-to videos on your website explaining your product and providing customer support? Do you have engaging videos on your home page that explain the benefits your product brings to your customer before they make a purchasing decision? In 2015, all of your competitors will.

Example: Maybelline Video Tutorials

8. Experiential Marketing: The winners of 2015 will give consumers an engaging experience in exchange for their attention and foot traffic. Even hospitals are getting in the game, designing five-star hotel experiences for your care. This year I went to a focus group where women admitted enjoying their experience at the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, even when they were perfectly healthy. Our unlikely guests visited our hospital partner just for cooking and wellness classes.

Example: Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

9. Agility Marketing: A-B testing is an old trick, but it can now be applied in news ways. With the combination of omni-present and real-time marketing, A-B testing can now be done faster. This allows marketers to be more effective with their marketing budgets. We can optimize our marketing effectiveness every minute instead of every quarter. Have you ever seen an excited CFO? Tell ‘em about this one.

Example: A-B Test Case Study

10. Real-time Marketing: Have you ever wondered how Amazon is able to suggest the right items at the right price every time you go to their site? They have a very intelligent solution to anticipating purchasing behavior. So intelligent, in fact, that it has been called creepy. Marketers now have the ability to interpret purchasing behavior and act accordingly. The winners of 2015 will utilize this type of data to make it easier for customers to buy their products.

Example: Amazon’s Consumer Data Usage

Your Turn: What marketing trends do you see emerging in 2015? Who is currently using these trends?