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The van Grinsven Hospitality Group (GHG) is dedicated to creating a new hospitality model for healthcare, that synthesizes and operationalizes the needs of patients, family and community members, to access their healthcare in a flexible and personalized manner, in which they consume every other consumer good.


a retail patient-centered model that surprises and delights the customer

Delivering sophisticated healthcare outside of hospitals is the future for our industry and the transformation that will build a new system of community based healthcare. A unified platform for consumer experience is critical to transform healthcare. The next great breakthrough in medicine depends on seamless patient communication, personalized hospitality and technology to deliver a retail patient-centered model that surprises and delights the customer. 

We need to create consumer segmentation and customization, build emotional connections and move away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ model of healthcare delivery. Like other consumer organizations, we need to treat people like valued and respected consumers, not by disease or payment, but by patient and consumer needs and their preferred engagement. 

The post-COVID-19 period should be used to ensure that such platforms and technologies are encouraged and reimbursed appropriately.

“While the war against the virus may be won with drugs and vaccines, the war against a healthcare delivery model stuck in a time capsule based on a financial and delivery system rewarding “sick care” has just begin” – Stephen Klasko, CEO Jefferson Health System


SERVICE each patient as our most important guest

RESPECT is for everyone we are privileged to serve with

PERFORMANCE is measurable and accountable

CURIOSITY and continuous transformation

Our practice is best practices; never settle for what’s been done before. Transformation is where state-of-the-art becomes old news and where we begin.

Where it all started

GHG was created after Gérard and his advisors successfully impacted all quality and financial outcomes at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, who both are recognized for their consumer centered care model. GHG was formed to help organizations in their quest in creating a new platform of consumer-centered care, for the benefit of their patients, family and community members.

When Gérard was asked to consider leaving the hospitality world and transform the healthcare industry, he joined Henry Ford Health System in Detroit for a disruptive proposition.

Beyond disruptive, when an hotelier was asked to be a CEO of a hospital, the industry took note. However, as Nancy Schlichting explains in the video above, the move was rooted in revolutionizing patient care in a community focussed healthcare model.

New science suggests patients and community members, need this level of attention – not only for their physical health, but for their nutritional and emotional well-being as well. Informed healthcare consumers now expect healthy food options, a stress-free environment, and a retail consumer-centered service with a hug and a smile.

See the results at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

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