Do I Actually Need A Blog?

Do I actually need a blog?

1. Credibility Positioning yourself as a credible industry expert is clearly a huge value proposition. It leads to more customers, more revenue, and more opportunities to diversify. PR and word-of-mouth are two incredibly powerful tools on the path toward widespread credibility, but if you really want to double down on your efforts, maintain a blog. […]

Six Tips for Writing Your Best RFP Yet

(And Attracting the Best Talent, Too) RFPs can be time-consuming as well as tedious, and why shouldn’t they be? Your company’s future and health depends on the agency partners you choose to work with. Writing your RFP is an important part of a process that in the end will leave you married to a decision […]

Five Ways to Maximize Your Video Content

agree about in the world of content marketing and social media, it is this: video is king. Okay, okay. Maybe content still wears the crown, but the medium is undeniably video. We’re also guessing that you don’t need another long form post telling you so because you get it. Now, you need to know what […]

Making Waves

Making Waves

Surfing the Black Wave is featured on Nerd Stalker Our CEO, Daniel Cobb, recently had the opportunity to chat with Adolfo Foronda from Nerd Stalker about his new book Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age. During the interview, they discuss how advertising is changing and Dan’s vision for how brands can be […]

DBA Dreamhouse

It’s been one year since we were offered the opportunity to open our DBA Dreamhouse and welcome 12 wonderful children. With warm hearts we continue to carry them with us each day, patiently waiting for the time we will return. Take a look to see what this project has meant to us and visit to […]

Consistent Brand Values are Irreplaceable

There is an opportunity cost to avoiding controversy in marketing. The fear of repercussions from an off-color social post might cause many brands to retreat from the public eye altogether. And who would blame them? But, this is a mistake equal in gravity to making the stupid post in the first place. That’s because the […]

It's time to make advertising the featured event

An ocean of highly engaging content is aimed at your listeners. The noise of it shouts more loudly than you could ever shout. It all compels your audience to ignore you. If your content isn’t more entertaining than the outrageous cat video with 50 million likes, then your content will get missed. Lost. Wasted. We […]

What story is your brand telling?

[As seen in Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age, available now.] Advertising was invented long before TV, and its influence was seen long before there was a word for it. Advertising will surely stand the test of time. But it will not continue as we currently define it. Let’s get back […]

Does social cause power your brand?

[As seen in Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age, available now.] As technology replaces personal service, commoditized industries such as banking are seeking a new differentiator. In one study, we explored value drivers that could have the propensity to create a preference besides rates and fees. In our study of the general […]

NEWS: Daniel Brian Advertising partners with technology company Gloo

ROCHESTER, Mich. – November 16, 2015 – Daniel Brian Advertising (DBA) is thrilled to announce its new partnership with the Gloo, a technology company based in Boulder, Colo. DBA will be working as the creative planner for Gloo’s platform developments. Gloo specializes in developing and curating delivery systems for learning management, counseling, and personal growth, […]