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Gérard van Grinsven
Founder GHG

A driving force behind the retail/health movement has been the need for more convenient and accessible care options. As COVID-19 propels us into a new virtual reality, the ability to efficiently and securely exchange data across systems and organizations will be vital to building a connected healthcare infrastructure especially if virtual care emerges as the norm. As with traditional retail the on-going shift from brick and mortar to the digital health storefront will gain momentum. Consumers want interactions on their terms throughout their healthcare journey and are setting expectations around their favorite consumer experience outside the healthcare sector. The van Grinsven Hospitality Group(GHG) is dedicated to partner with healthcare providers in building such a new virtual customer portal and transform sick-care to well-care. Leading the way will be the pioneer of hospitality in healthcare, Gérard van Grinsven.

From hospital and doctor-centric companies to consumer health entities

The future of healthcare demands providers to sell themselves to consumers instead of selling themselves to physicians and insurers. Consumers will ultimately make the decisions on benefits, providers and the course of care. 

Consumers want to thrive in their personal wellbeing and not have health get in the way. Consumers want the ability to connect thru human relationships, navigate healthcare on their own terms and understand how to do so.

A digital health storefront.

Successful healthcare providers need to fundamentally change the relationship with consumers from a transaction manager to a personalized health partner by partnering with digital health companies and quickly gain exposure to innovative, agile and consumer centric mindsets. Diversity of thought can bolster differentiation.

Health care must change. It will change. But, not without a bold plan.

Building a consumer-centered care model and transforming from sick-care to well-care, involves restructuring an entire organization. Blue ocean thinking is needed, as it is a simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost. It will open a new market space and create new demand.

We bring accountability assessments and a team of advisers who have led organizational transformation before. Employing the Baldrige criteria for Performance Excellence, we bring a proven and cost-effective model for implementation. 



Building a consumer-centered care model begins by assessing all current talent to create company specific benchmarks at each position, and it ends with developing each employee to their full potentiality. GHG will provide the evaluations, the platform and the training to be a Talent-Based Organization®.



A unified service experience will build emotional connections at every touchpoint of every consumer journey. GHG will provide process, designs, patents and communications platforms to integrate into a unified digital and personalized hospitality experience platform – starting with your digital front door, and ending with an analytics dashboard report on all key drivers of success. Process and systems will align to the Baldrige criteria for Performance Excellence



To reposition your brand in transforming healthcare to a new retail and community based healthcare model of choice, you need to create clarity, creativity and a distinctive patient and consumer experience platform. Our model engages all stakeholders as a third-party coach or moderator – because we’ve found when people are given a voice in the co-creation of a brand mantra, brand experience and communications plan, this process creates ownership.