Steven Littig


Steven Littig is the founder and president of Improvement Path Systems Inc. a healthcare decision support company. He has spent his entire career working with hospitals mining real world data, developing and deploying software, and creating models to empower clinicians and administrators with better information in order to make better decisions. Steven is committed to continuing to innovate and find ways to improve the delivery and outcome of care for all of us.

Steven founded Improvement Path Systems (IPS) in 1992 to improve healthcare through better data analytics, technologies, and processes. Located in Rochester, Michigan, IPS is a leader in the growing field of healthcare process improvement, analytical modeling, data mining, and decision support. We help hospitals and providers deliver higher quality services amid tightening budget restrictions and growing regulatory burdens. Meeting this challenge is of critical importance to the future of our nation’s healthcare system, which will soon account for nearly 1 of every 5 dollars we spend.

IPS is committed to contributing to the solution through cutting-edge analytics specialized for high reliability care. The team is passionate about empowering clients through the transformation of their data to drive the decision-making process and improve patient outcomes. By utilizing existing data in the electronic medical record, they've developed a proven approach that applies industry best practices, advanced analytics, and software to create the next generation of actionable intelligence for health systems. Better information allows clinicians and healthcare administrators to make more informed decisions for patients and their organization. A successful engagement means clients are able to sustain improvements on their own.

Building a business and facilitating change management in healthcare requires more than great data and technology. You must work with great people who understand healthcare, are willing to continually learn, and will challenge the status quo. Steven has been fortunate to have these types of people as clients and on his team. He loves to connect with others looking to transform our nation's healthcare system into the one we all deserve.