Kimberly Rath


Kimberly Rath works every day with entrepreneurial leadership and leaders of long-established organizations alike to help them create a leadership legacy and assure a bright future.

She co-founded management consulting firm, Talent Plus ®, 30 years ago and today serves as its chairman. Kimberly has cultivated tremendous visibility among the organization’s clients as well as her peers. She is obsessed with creating organizational cultures where people “tap dance to work” — where individuals get to do what they are good at and enjoy, and have the opportunity to work with great leaders, mentors, team members, guests/customers and a great brand.

She’s a recognized leader in the field of executive development and human resources in the United States and Asia. An entrepreneur herself, Kimberly feels a kinship with those starting up new organizations and is fueled by their enthusiasm to bring new or improved solutions to the market.

Talent Plus has been named in the top 10 of the Best Places to Work by the Great Place to Work Institute and Fortune magazine seven times, and to Modern Healthcare’s Best Place to Work list four times. The organization has offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Singapore, as well as individuals in its extended community who work all over the globe.

Kimberly serves on the Lincoln (Neb.) Community Foundation Board, as well as Tabitha Senior Living Community, Artists for Trauma and Nelnet’s Board of Directors (a publicly-held company).

She has an MBA from Pepperdine University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.