Your Brand is What it Does When Nobody’s Watching

It’s no coincidence that purpose continues to be a hot topic among corporate motivational circles. It’s a sign of the times. Purpose has always been a key indicator of human behavior, and now it is a key piece of employee retention and the continued success of a business. Most of us agree the general purpose […]

Walk the Walk

There’s a bank in Texas that unapologetically uses its brand values to lead its industry. “Few banks have performed as well for as long as Frost, which consistently ranks among the industry’s leaders in all key measures,” American Banker said. By June 30, 2015 Frost had a 1.24% return on assets, compared to the industry […]

Differentiate on Values

If all brands assert the same values, they cancel each other out. Next, the evolved consumer brain seeks out new evidence that demonstrates intent. Recent studies have found that the consumer brain is more likely to accept your brand values if they are specific and measurable rather than simply stated without accountability. The evolved consumer […]

It Comes Down to Purpose

As marketers, we must stop appealing to base human needs and start appealing to human expectations. A 2017 Harvard Business Review article titled, The Neuroscience of Trust explains why employees would work longer hours and even reject up to a 20% salary increase, in exchange to be given the opportunity to have more personal influence […]

The Four Noble Truths of Branding

The Four Noble Truths of Branding

In a world full of competing voices, your brand needs the one that speaks on a higher, emotional level. That emotional level, for better or worse, represents your brand. Why is Apple so successful? Sure, the products are sound. But, you could find comparable examples across the market. It’s the way Apple makes you feel. […]