Master the Art of Recovery

As online participation provides increased levels of consumer feedback, angry consumers are participating in your story as well. That’s why we are entering a new era of corporate listening. We have all purchased our license to social listening tools such as Sprout or BuzzSumo, but what do we do with all that power? Don’t be […]

North Star Values in a Turbulent Social Environment

It’s a storm of social media controversy out there. Brands are being held to new consumer values. Consumers want to connect to the values of the brands they give their loyalty to. This new consumer demand requires much of us who protect and defend the brands we serve. We want our brands to grow. All […]

Differentiate on Values

If all brands assert the same values, they cancel each other out. Next, the evolved consumer brain seeks out new evidence that demonstrates intent. Recent studies have found that the consumer brain is more likely to accept your brand values if they are specific and measurable rather than simply stated without accountability. The evolved consumer […]